Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Truck accident is a complicated issue to be dealt in comparison with the car accident that generally involves two parties. The number of parties involved is generally more than two in case of truck accident.


The drivers, the owners of the truck, the truck manufacturing company, the brake maker, etc are all involved in case of truck accident.

Commercial vehicles are heavily regulated by both federal and state governments and determining fault in a truck accident requires the parties to not only be aware of all the applicable regulations, but the ability to effectively determine if any were not followed.

Many rules and states have differing statutes of limitations that only an expert attorney can deal with. It is very important to choose a lawyer who knows in and out of truck law.

Many intricacies are involved in such cases that need expert guidance. Hence, the panel of lawyers associated with us provide you with in-depth knowledge of legal aspects in the case as well as assist you throughout to ensure you get justice.