Child Custody Information

Child Custody is a sensitive issue that needs to be handled carefully. Nothing is as precious to a parent as his /her own child is. Seeking the help of a legal expert ensures your rights are protected and you get justice.


You would certainly want the best legal representation to protect your interests.

Reputed attorneys in US often charge exorbitant fees for their services that mid-income find it difficult to afford. We work in association with a panel of expert attorneys who are adept in handling child custody issues and ensure that your best interest is protected.

Fighting for your child’s custody after divorce can be an emotionally disturbing experience. Discord between parents hampers the child’s healthy development.

Send in your child custody issue by filling up legal form. An experienced divorce attorney from the panel of expert divorce lawyers will contact you within 48 hours of your request.

Legal Custody” gives a parent the right to make long-term decisions about the raising of a child and key aspects of the child’s welfare — including the child’s education medical care dental care and religious instruction. In most child custody cases legal custody is awarded to both parents (called “joint legal custody”) unless it is shown that one parent is somehow unfit or is incapable of making decisions about the child’s upbringing. Legal custody is different from “physical custody” which involves issues such as where the child will live.