Employee Rights

Federal and State laws have bestowed each one of you with specific rights at the workplace.


Many of the employees are not aware of their legal rights as an employee and have to suffer workplace harassment sex age or disability discrimination or some other form of discrimination unlawful employment termination and other work related illegal practices. Because of the ignorance you have to keep silent most of the times even if you are suffering a lot because of work place tensions.

Do you feel that as an employee your rights are being violated? Are you aware of the different rights that you are entitled to? I am sure you would not want to be discriminated against or harassed and be paid at least the minimum wage as well as any overtime.

There is a provision for each category mentioned below:

  • Leave of Absence and Vacation
  • Injuries and Illness Rights
  • Non-compete Agreement
  • Employee’s Right on Employer Policies
  • Discipline Rights
  • Rights on Personnel Files
  • Employee Pension Right
  • Employee Benefit Right
  • References Rights
  • Rights on Criminal Records
  • Employee Distress Rights
  • Defamation Rights
  • Employee’s Right on Fraud
  • Rights on Assault and Battery
  • False Imprisonment Right
  • Employee Negligence Right
  • Right on Political Activity
  • Government Agencies
  • Union/Group Activity Rights
  • Whistle Blowing Rights
  • Worker’s Compensation Right

You have the right to a safe workplace or to take leave to care for your family member’s illness and also for other personal reasons. If you believe you have been wronged you can seek our help to assert your legal rights. We help you know about your severance sick leave or vacation pay. We at the Legal Target will help you feel settled and confident about your rights as an employee.