Overtime Law

Under the Fair Labor Standard Act, employee must be paid for working beyond normal working hours.


In case, your employer has not compensated you for your hard work, seek help of an attorney.

Protect your rights by filing a lawsuit with the help of an attorney. Laws related to Overtime vary from state to state and the issues are complicated. Expert attorneys have vast experience in handling similar issues. Right from the documentation of the case to courtroom litigation, attorneys assist you at every step of your issue to ensure you get justice.Most attorneys charge exorbitant fees that are difficult for the mid-income group to afford.

Why You Need Overtime Laws Attorney?
  • Attorneys help you getting justice
  • Expert attorneys are adept in handling overtime law issues
  • File necessary appeals on your behalf
  • Employment Laws are complicated and vary from to state to state
  • Represent you in court of law
  • Make you aware of your rights and benefits

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