Single Parents/ Father

The desire to bring up a child is universal and the feeling is not restricted to married couples only. Rise in the number of one-parent households in USA has lead to more and more individuals opting for single parenthood.


An individual has the full right to adopt or look after a child without being married. There are various legal aspects that are associated with single parenthood and guidance from an expert attorney ensures your best interests are protected. Issues related to single parenthood are complicated and need an expert handling. An attorney is well versed in law related to single parents and knows the intricacies involved in such cases.

Single Father

About three in ten children live in a single parent home. The most common type of single parent home is one with only a mother. However, single father homes are the fastest growing type of family situation; the amount of single fathers has grown by 60% in the last ten years alone. This is mainly due to some sort of disaster that has happened to the mother. Loss of a partner may cause the single parent to be financially burdened due to the fact that one of the “breadwinners” is gone. If the single parent is the breadwinner, he or she has less opportunity to work than before, when another parent was available, unless another person is available to care for the child or children.

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