Immigration Information


Asylum may be granted to people who are already in the United States and are unable or unwilling to return to their home country because of persecution of well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or public opinion.


If you are granted asylum, you will be allowed to live and work in the United States. You also will be able to apply for permanent resident status one year after you are granted asylum. Asylum and refugee status are closely related except the point that refugee status is asked for outside the United States while the asylum status is asked for in the United States.

How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help You?
  • An attorney expert in dealing with immigration issues keeps himself/herself updated with the new immigration laws that may affect your visa status, green card application or U.S. citizenship petition.
  • An attorney will scrutinize your case and will plan your course of action regarding: U.S. citizenship or visa.
  • An attorney will make you aware of all your benefits for which you may be entitled under the law and propose the best way for you to obtain legal resident status.
  • An attorney will help you to fill the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services forms and submit it properly. Incomplete or incorrectly filled form often becomes a reason for rejection of immigration applications, hence it can help you avoiding unnecessary delays and problems caused otherwise because of errors in application forms.
  • May keep you updated with the status of your application forms
  • Can act as your attorney and present your court in case if needed
  • Help you to utilize U.S. immigration laws to your benefits

If you are seeking immigration to America or have been here for sometime but now facing some legal problems do contact us. Our attorneys with impressive experience in the field of immigration law will soon contact you.