Real Estate

Real Estate issues are complicated and an expert can guide you well on your course of action.


If you are planning to acquire a land, sell a land, or want to pass the title of a property, an attorney can best help you with your real estate issue.

Real Estate laws vary from state to state in USA. Also, the legal procedures involve a lot of paper work and other hassles. Attorneys are well versed in laws of Real Estate and help you in your issue with minimal hassle. A lawyer is aware of the intricacies involved such cases and guides you accordingly.  He/she is your representative in the court of law and ensures that your best interests are protected.

In spite of the name, real estate has no connection with the concept of reality (in other words, the law does not consider real property more “real” than personal property). It derives instead from the feudal principle that in a monarchy, all land was considered the property of the king. Thus originally the term real estate was equivalent to “Royal Estate“, real originating from the French royale, as it was the French-speaking Normans who introduced feudalism to England and thus to the English language; cognate to Spanish real.

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